Free Range Naked Cats

Sphynx, Elf, Dwelf and Bambino Cats

February 7, 2020
We don’t have any babies right now, but we do have some in the oven! Babies due in April of 2020. Please check back!

LBJ 6 11 16 (2)We are a family based cattery in Idaho where our cats are family first. In 1996 we adopted our very first Sphynx, and the rest is history. Over two decades, we’ve expanded our naked lines to include our long legged Sphynx, Elf cats (curled ears), Dwelf cats (curled ears short legs) and Bambinos (straight ears short legs).

All of our cats live in the home with us, and are our pets first. We stand behind our kittens, and work to find the perfect kitten for you.

Take a look at our kittens and if you see someone that steals your heart, drop us an email at If you prefer, I have a text line of 623-694-3800.

Know that adoption is just the first step. We remain available to you afterwards for questions, or just to share the photos and stories that you’ll have with your new family member.