Free Range Naked Cats

Sphynx, Elf, Dwelf and Bambino Cats

September 11, 2019
We have one baby left

The kittens and cats that are currently available for adoption have been raised in our arms, beds, and hearts. They all have the amazing, loving personalities that “hairless” cats are know for. These photos don’t do them justice.

Born on June 20, 2019

We had four little shorties available. They have the short little legs, although they don’t keep them from doing anything a tall cat can. Only one baby remains available for adoption.

The only kitten still available is this little black mackerel Bambino boy. He is super playful and very expressive. You can see striping along his tail and on his belly. He is adopting for $2200.

Updated photos will be posted as he grows!


All kittens come with a written health guarantee, spayed or neutered, and three sets of vaccinations. See contract for more details. Adopt a family member, not just an animal.